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I just have to ask.

TMI alert.Collapse )
(Also, the barometric pressure is killing me. Need more Robaxin plz.)

* On the bright side, I can has books to review! The Prime Books reprint of Black Thorn, White Rose, co-edited by and courtesy of ellen_datlow (beautiful new cover - I never did like Canty), and The Duke in His Castle, by and courtesy of norilana. And just found out that I scored a free copy of either The New Space Opera or The Yiddish Policemen's Union, and either one is more than fine by me. Also, the new issues of Apex Digest and Weird Tales have landed. Airplane reading! (I wish my Kindle would arrive...)

* Will not be at Diesel tonight, as I am cranky and my everything hurts, and you would not want to deal with me right now, seriously. feste_sylvain will come over. We will watch a movie. *nod*

* Locals who want to buy BPAL from me should come over tomorrow night. emilytheslayer's doin' it. She's one of the cool kids, right? Pick over the bins of rejected BPAL! Help me pack stuff!

* Also, I am not obsessively listening to Green Day. I'm listening to music on the other computer. This just gets filled in automatically.

* I set up a get-Elayna-to-Explo meter so I can see how much I have yet to earn. Nyargh.

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