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Tew's Day

Happy birthday toysabetwordsmith!

Hello to new readers maxymyllyn and ogre42!

Can it stop being grey achy days now plz?

New content- new front page and a little slice of backstory. No art, alas.

April Fool's Day a "holiday" I do not practice, as I've never been able to think up a prank that wouldn't actually hurt someone. So. Rest assured, no foolin' from me today.

Um. $500 miscellaneous account + $270 bus transport on top of the $1,500 we already had to raise. So. Total amount? $4295.00. *whimper* Okay. We have $2,000 from the grandparents. We have about $900 from you guys for WTD, and about $200 so far from the BPAL sale. So. That's about $1200 we need to raise. By May 1.

This better be the best damn experience of her life.

Anyone wanna buy Barbies? Collage pendants? SRSLY.

Explo Courses
We have her list of courses!

First session: Actor's Workshop & Just for Kicks (martial arts); mini-courses Musical Theater and Stage Combat.
Second session: Eco-Logic * Konnichiwa (her #1 choice!); mini-courses Swimming and Tennis.

Is no link soup today, because I am tired and kinda bitchslapped with that extra $770. We better get that tax refund with a quickness.
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