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Gojirawitz Girls wrapup, part 1


That was the Gojirawitz Girl Challenge. $576.25 raised so far! *dances*

* I'll tally the votes later today or tomorrow; we have a busy afternoon.

* Keep voting and sponsoring! And pimping! *hopeful grin*

* My favorites of Elayna's stories - The Steadfast Tin Soldier and Hansel & Gretel. Her favorite of mine -Princess and the Pea.

* The Gojirawitz Girl who gets the most votes will send all sponsors a bonus story! (Regardless of who wins, all sponsors will get my Rapunzel. And yes,I'll pitch in another if I win.) Voting can continue through the end of the week.

* The person who gives us the most monies will get an extra-special exclusive chapbook of all of the Gojirawitz Girls Challenge stories! So far that's ysabel with $100.

* You have a one-day gap in the posting of fairy tales; April starts on Tuesday, and with it, my usual week-long Wind Tunnel Dream. This month it'll be one of the fairy tales that was on our original list, that I wanted more space to work with and Elayna wasn't that into.
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