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So, yes.

My daughter rocks.

If nothing else, this has taught her one thing: how to open up and let Story flow through her. That's what happened for her today. She came to me with tears in her eyes - she hadn't known how her story would turn out when she started it. It just came through her, and she was left torn by the power of it. She was amazed and tearful and smiling.

We started this project to get her to this amazing camp. And now we stand at a crossroads.

We have raised a little over $400 so far. My parents have pledged $1,000; so has Adam's mom. So. We have $2400.

One session is $2000. Two sessions is $3500.

Can we raise another $1100 before May 1? I don't know. I'm willing to try, and she really wants to.

The deposit for one session is $400; for two sessions, $600. I need to get the deposit and space reservation form in ASAP, and I do not have a spare $200 lying around; the first-of-the-month paycheck covers rent and nothing else. (The parents pledged money as of last night - I don't expect those checks to come in for another week.)


If we raise another $200 this week, we can try for two sessions. (If we can't get to the full $3500 needed, they money we raise will go toward the August train trip instead, so no matter what, you'll be filling up the Elayna Summer Fund.)

The difference here is two more courses and one more mini-course over another three weeks. Three weeks of improv or musical theater, Japanese language/culture or forensics, martial arts or short story writing. Three more weeks of hanging out on campus with kids like her from all over the world.

You can double her time there.

Please. Pitch in if you can. Whether you can send monies yourself or not, please pimp this.

Upstairs, there's a thirteen-year-old girl spinning out one more story for you. She's been busting her buns on this all week. Let's reward her hard work...

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