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Happy early birthday to gumboeditor, who advances a year over the weekend!

Cautious optimism. Have not had any further seizures,which is doubleplusgood; I really think that was stress-based.

Gojirawitz Girls Challenge
Up to $393! :)

Cinderella went up late yesterday,but is there. Elayna really is doing a great job here. She wants to go to this camp,and she's earning her way there. I'm proud of her.

Three more days...

Friday Free Fiction
"Start the Clock", by Benjamin Rosenbaum.

Singulair? Bad for you!

U.S. health regulators are probing a possible connection between Merck & Co Inc's blockbuster Singulair asthma drug and suicidal behavior in adults and children, the Food and Drug Administration said on Thursday. The FDA said it is reviewing the issue after receiving reports of mood and behavior changes, suicidal thinking and suicide in patients who took the drug, which is used to treat stuffy nose, sneezing and other allergy symptoms, as well as asthma.

Link Soup
* Amazon forcing POD publishers to use BookSurge "or else"?
* Oh,man,I want this table. But I cannot have it. Because I'd drive Adam crazy with it, that's why.
* I have no clever description for this. It's Peter Watts. :)

Daily Science
Normally fragile and brittle silicon chips have been made to bend and fold, paving the way for a new generation of flexible electronic devices.

The stretchy circuits could be used to build advanced brain implants, health monitors or smart clothing.

Friday Memage!
Wearing: Sock monkey pajamas.Look,I'll wear sexy lingerie in the summer,'k? For right now, it's flannel.
Reading: Mainspring, by Jay Lake; Moonshine, by Rob Thurman. Almost done with this round of library books, which is good, because to to-read stacks here at home are getting preposterous.
Writing: Today, Rumplestiltskin, if I can figure out a way in. Otherwise? The usual - Shayara. I need to get a few weeks ahead before my retreat, so Adam can post for me. Ditto on April's Wind Tunnel Dream, which will also be a fairy tale retelling, then I'm likely quit of them for a while.
Planning: TMBG concert tonight! And possibly the Explo open house on Sunday. Elayna has an invitation to a party same day and time...

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