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Thor's Day

Hello to returning reader tru2myart!

Freakin' ow. Yeah. I walked to the library and back yesterday (beautiful day out!)... exercise = good, but I have been lethargic too long, because I am feelin' it today.

You can has update. Hi, Alanna. (Do click that link, too.)

Also of note: New Napalm page, updated Ryan page.What do they have in common? Well,they're both about characters born and raised in the human world realizing that they're... different. And they both feature rockin' new art by brujah's awesome daughter mdevans. Stop by mdevans's LJ and tell her she rocks. Fourteen years old, man. (Also? She put Ryan in bondage pants. This cracks me up. And check out Ryan's staff! No, that's not a sex thing. Ryan has a really cool staff.)

I'll be working on putting stuff in the password-protected section later.

Also? If you create an account at, you can leave comments on the storybits. And don't forget the forum!

Gojirawitz Girls Challenge
Up to $365! And yes, there was one yesterday - the Steadfast Tin Soldier. Go read! Sponsor! Vote! Elayna's is awesome. Mine has robots. (This is the same space station as "Apostate", but a bit earlier.)

Elayna didn't pre-write again, so again, look for today's later this afternoon. Beauty and the Beast.

We're going to an info meeting at Explo on Sunday. Yay!

Other fun news
ktempest has announced big changes at SFBookswap. One of them?A bunch of new reviewers for SFBookswap and Fantasy Magazine. I'm one of 'em.

Your ARCs. Show me them.

Quote of the Day, Shayara-relevant
"As you learn who your characters are, compassion for them will grow. There shouldn't be just a single important character in your work for whom you have compassion. You need to feel it even for the villain - in fact, especially for the villain. Life is not like formula fiction. The villain has a heart, and the hero has great flaws. You've got to pay attention to what each character says, so you can know each of their hearts.

Only in the comics and the formula movies do we get any pleasure from destroying totally evil and sinister villains, because in those cases they've been systematically depersonalized. They commit only acts of atrocity and sociopathology, and they say terribly evil things, and then we get to ritually kill them. There can be, at the end of the book, the relief that comes with justice."
Anne Lamott, Bird by Bird

Kitty needs a new home!
See here. Kitty is currently in Redmond, WA, but that could change for the right home.

Link Soup
* Giant Squid sex!
* Stealthy deadly critters.
* 4 awesome unfinished or abandoned structures in Florida.

Daily Science
Don't be cruel to caterpillars – they won't forget it. Moths and butterflies can remember what they learned as caterpillars, a study reveals.

The findings challenge the accepted wisdom that the insects – brains and all – are completely rewired during metamorphosis, and may provide clues about neural development.

Filling out that password-protected section.
Prewriting the rest of the Gojirawitz Girls Challenges, and at least outlining April's Wind Tunnel Dreams.
Getting a reasonable amount of exercise.
Um. Hi.
A moose bit my sister once.

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