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Mint in box, y0.

Okay, see, this is not my fault, this doll collection. How did this happen? Because I bought Star Trek Barbie & Ken, because I like Star Trek. People saw that I had collectible Barbies, and poof! that's all anyone gave me for... ages. And they have been in a box in the closet since... Florida.

Posting these here til Friday; if they don't sell direct to you, I'll stick them on eBay.

Here we go! All mint in box. Masquerade Gala Barbie includes certificate of authenticity, even.

Barbie & Ken The Addams Family giftset: $125

Masquerade Gala Collection: Illusion Barbie: $12575

Whispering Wind Barbie (Essence of Nature collection): $75

Barbie Fairy of the Forest: $75

Barbie Princess of Ireland (Dolls of the World: The Princess Collection: $50

Barbie Princess of the Portuguese Empire (Dolls of the World: The Princess Collection: $50

Autumn in Paris" Barbie (City Seasons, 1998): $50

Barbie as the Sugar Plum Fairy in The Nutcracker(Classic Ballet series): $30

Barbie "Generation Girl" Tori: $20

Star Wars Episode I Queen Amidala in Black Travel Gown, 1999 Portrait Edition: $20.
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