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Hello to new readers talkstowolves and justinhowe!

Had a back spasm yesterday - too much cleaning. :( A bit better after a muscle relaxant and a nap.

Gojirawitz Girls Challenge!
Remember, this is a special Wind Tunnel Dreams week! Elayna and I will each write a flash-fiction twist on a fairy tale, and you'll vote with your sponsorship. One sponsor, one vote, not one dollar, one vote. Just hit that PayPal button and let us know who you've voting for. All sponsors willget a bonus story from their chosen writer!

All monies collected will be used toward sending her to the summer camp of her choice. Tuition is $2,000 for one session, $3,500 for two. We'll be after the parents to chip in, of course, but we want to raise as much money as we can in the event that they won't pitch in enough. I've told her not to hold her breath for two sessions,but that maybe, with her help, we can raise at least half the money for one session... so please, feel free to pimp this!

She'll post here later about why she wants to go to Explo, and what courses she wants to take.

Lots of good tips here, actually.

Me, I'm just sick of drowning in all this stuff. With my gimpiness + my husband and daughter having... different standards of clean, it's hard to keep a tidy house anyway. Add in all of the stuff we genuinely do not need...

On the nonphysical-stuff front, I've got my e-mail inbox down to 59 messages. (That's from,most recently,nearly 500.) Got rid of a lot of LJ comments that are no longer time-relevant, answered a bunch of things I've left sitting (though obviously I have more to do). Feels good.

Breakfast = oatmeal with raisins, flaxseed, and slivered almonds. Am I eating healthy yet? I swear, they change the food guidelines every other day. Is red meat good for you again yet?

Hero of the Day
Standing below on the street among 300 or so anti-Klan protesters, Keshia, an 18-year-old African American woman, caught sight of a white man watching the spectacle. He displayed Confederate flags on his vest and T-shirt. Overcome with emotion, Keshia joined a group of angry students, both black and white, who rushed the man. Keshia reported later, “I wanted to yell at him, ‘What did I ever do to you?’” Before she could engage the man, someone hit him with a sign and others began to beat him. Once on the ground the man received multiple punches and kicks to the body. Keshia responded immediately. She threw her body over the victim to protect him from the blows. Police stepped in and led him to a squad car for a quick departure from the angry crowd. Keshia learned later the man was not a Klan member. When she came to his aid, she believed him to be a white supremacist like those leading the Klan rally above the street.

“He’s still somebody’s child…You don’t beat a man up because he doesn’t believe the same things you do,” Keshia noted after the incident. A bit surprised by all the attention she received, she said, “People don’t have to remember my name. I just want them to remember that I did the right thing”

Lenox Kelly 5-piece place setting. Anyone? One day left on auction.

Link Soup
* LJdump - how to archive your LJ.
* Religion in Comics - a weekend of discussion here at BU.
* Norman Spinrad on SF.
* Concert alert! August 7: Poison, Dokken, and Sebastian Bach. If I'm in town, I wanna go. Yes, seriously.
* My next car will be a Microjoule. (I wish!)
* Neuro-tourism in Charlie Kaufman's movies.

Daily Science
What used to be considered a hole in the sky is now known to astronomers as a dark molecular cloud. Here, a high concentration of dust and molecular gas absorb practically all the visible light emitted from background stars. The eerily dark surroundings help make the interiors of molecular clouds some of the coldest and most isolated places in the universe.

Daily BPAL

#20 Love Oil: A potent, enticing love formula, favored among Louisiana courtesans.
In bottle: Sweet,light - almost nutty, but not quite.
On me: A little too astringent. Some citrus in there, too.

Has No Hanna:Brings a rush of good luck, lifts the spirit, and helps alleviate depression.
In bottle: Feels light, golden, sweet.
On me: There's some floral in this,but it doesn't overwhelm.

Kumari Kandam: The hollow scent of a vast antediluvian civilization, now frozen and buried, smothered by a thick sheet of ice and trapped deep beneath the ocean. Thick incense, clay, stone, and hothouse blooms with a spike of frost, a hint of decay, and heavy, dolorous aquatic notes.
In bottle: BPAL's "cold" and "aquatic" notes.
On me: Nothing but aquatic on me. :(

The Isles of Demons: Twin islands near Newfoundland, now lost, that were believed to be gateways to Hell. The scent is of wet, dark greenery, carnivorous flowers, volcanic gas, and the hot black musk of the demons and wild beasts that populated the islands.
In bottle: Indeed, a musky green. Weird!
On me: I think this is what the island on Lost must smell like.

Alternate writing and cleaning until collapse.
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