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Today: Cleaning and organizing with Adam; writing with Elayna (Gojirawitz Girls Challenge starts tomorrow!)
Tomorrow: Round of phone calls, writing, spring cleaning with omnia_mutantur
Tuesday: Shayara update day! Writing...and free Everclear concert at Fanueil Hall! Anyone wanna come?
Wednesday: Writing, phone call with brujah
Thursday: Shayara update day!
Friday: TMBG concert with feste_sylvain!

What I absolutely need to get done this week:
Writing: Edit "Flying Lessons". (Editing "Fortune" would be good, too.) And I need to get far enough ahead with Shayara that I can have Adam posting it while I'm on my retreat. If I get my retreat.
House/money stuff: The spring cleaning bug has bitten. Especially since we have a ton and a half of collectible stuff that's been sitting in unopened boxes for a year and a half. I'll list things here before I post them on eBay or set them aside for the yard sale, to give you guys first crack at 'em. But I want it all out of here. That and the jewelry I no longer wear. (Also need to list my collage pendants on Etsy, but that can wait a week,as they're not Clutter - they're tidily tucked away.)

EDIT: We are celebrating Discardia. Yes.

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