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1. I'll dispense with this straightaway. Have a problem with today's content-strike? No need to be an asshole about it. And yes, there's a difference between being snarky and being an asshole. If you were an asshole, you knew it.

You don't have to agree with it. Just be classy. Example of classy: Dissenting view here, with a well-written post rather than "hurr hurr you guyz r st00pid". Fun snark here,with the attitude I'd rather more people have taken over the whole thing.

Quoting shrijani: "It's ok to not like what's going on with LJ. It's ok to not give two shits about it. What gets my knickers in a twist is all the judgmental "I'M NOT FREAKING OUT LIKE YOU MORONS" posts that I keep seeing. Dudes, for real. That's a bandwagon in itself. Think about it."

And really, I'd just like it explained to me why my participation in a symbolic protest is such a problem for you. Because I don't grok that.

2. It wasn't about no more basic accounts. It was about lack of communication and lack of respect. And, y'know, the whole homophobia/censorship of interests thing, which the people being assholes about this keep "forgetting", because they can't spin a way to whine about it.

3. In case you were wondering, LJ/SUP have hired a PR company. Tim Smith from Spark PR says "I _can_ confirm that a coding error was responsible for the missing interests. There's no additional comment from SUP, however, other than yesterday's post."

So. For one thing, hiring a PR company after Anton Nossik's rant is closing the barn door after the horse, the cow, and a whole mess of chickens have run out. For another, the changelog shows that a filter had been applied, then removed. Sooo... their tactic is "lie like hell". 'k. Let's see if that works out for them.



Elayna had the day off school, so a big chunk of my day was spent just hanging out with her. Hence the not getting so much writing posted.

We have chosen the fairy tales we'll be reinterpreting for next week's Gojirawitz Girls Challenge!

1. Rapunzel
2. The Princess and the Pea
3. The Steadfast Tin Soldier (Elayna says "You're doing what with that?")
4. Vassilisa (feste_sylvain says "You're doing what with that?")
5. Rumplestiltskin
6. Beauty and the Beast
7. Bluebeard

The one I talked her into was #3; the one she talked me into was #5. The one I wanted to do and failed to talk her into? The Robber Bridegroom.

eustaciavye brought Velvet Goldmine over. Oh,okay. I get glam rock now.

And now we are watching figure skating. There were ice-dancing aliens. I kid you not. EDIT: eustaciavye would like me to also note that there was an ice-dancing girl in a straightjacket. Ice dancing is pretty cracked out.

Further notes about ice dance:
* The term "twizzle" cracks me up, because it sounds like it should be dirtier than it is.
* ...I forgot. I'm kinda tired.
* The Russians are doing kind of a Criss Angel: Mindfreak/Vampira/Mad Max thing.
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