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Odin's Day

Happy birthday to pseydtonne!


... Arthur C. Clarke. (In memoriam, go read "The Nine Billion Names of God".)

FreeWill Astrology
Uncle Rob sez: "Musician Sarah McLachlan told the crowd at one of her concerts: "I feel great about singing really depressing songs." In the U2 song "A Man and a Woman," Bono sings, "The only pain is to feel nothing at all." They are your role models in the coming week, Pisces. I hope they inspire you to feel grateful for your capacity to experience such intense emotions. You're lucky to be so sensitive! You're blessed to have so much vital force! So please celebrate your talent for feeling melancholy and overwhelmed. Congratulate yourself for being such a connoisseur of guilt, confusion, and anxiety. You're more alive than other people. You've got a soul as big and wild and deep as the Amazon River. "

Um. Thanks?

More LJ crap
Articles on LJ's most recent misstep here, here, here, and here.

And here's the transalation of an interview with Our New Owner: Let's say, I say to you, mr. Journalist, "I think you put an extra comma here". Your natural reaction is "Oh, you're right" or "Let's ask the editor". But if I come to you and say "Take away the comma or I will beat you" Will you really go checking your spelling after that?
In a situation where people are trying to scare and blackmail us, threatening to destroy our business, there are business reasons for not rewarding such behaviour. This is not just human psychology, which retaliates more the more it is pressed. Problem is that there's never been a successful company whose success was based on bowing to collective resistant forces.

Also calls us idiots.

So, y'know. I wasn't going to participate in the content strike before. But I am now.

Link Soup
* Joss Whedon's new project: An online musical. "Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog" will be a series of three 10-minute webisodes about "a low-rent super-villain, the hero who keeps beating him up, and the cute girl from the laundromat he's too shy to talk to," Joss revealed on Whedonesque, his fansite. Neil Patrick Harris will play Dr. Horrible, Nathan Fillion will play Captain Hammer, and Felicia Day will play Penny. Plus "a cast of dozens!"
* A new Dunemovie. Did the world demand this? Really?
* For zarhooie: Armenia: The Epic Land. Truly beautiful pictures.
* Free fiction: "Wikihistory". Short and funny - go read!

Daily Science
Groundbreaking research suggests genes help explain why some people can recover from a traumatic event while others suffer post-traumatic stress disorder. Though preliminary, the study provides insight into a condition expected to strike increasing numbers of military veterans returning from combat in Iraq and Afghanistan, one health expert said.

Dude, I need to untangle my commitments - figure out what I need to do and what I need to prioritize. And I need to write tomorrow's Shayara.
That, and I have a doctor appointment. *nod*
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