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Midafternoon Miscellany

Buy my stuff, round one
I finally got around to calling Replacements; alas, they're not currently buying my china pattern. So. eBay it is!

Lenox Kelly 5-piece place setting
Lenox "marriage plate".

Both lovely, but a) kinda useless to me and b) don't need any remnants of the previous marriage kickin' around here, especially when they're useless. (A blender, I'd keep.)

This is round one. Round two will include collectible Barbies. And jewelry.

Links Page
That's for, not; is as close to a full-immersion world as I can get, and I won't be linking to anything there that doesn't exist in that world. On my author-type site, though,I am more than happy to link to people I know. (That's people I know. Yes, you count if you read me and I don't read you back. No, your third cousin's roommate or this band your nephew likes don't count. Yes, I'd love a link back,particularly if it goes to and/or

a) Did need new glasses, two shades stronger. They had 'em onsite, so she's seeing better already.
b) Is having trouble with the whole turning-assignments-in thing again. Nyargh.
c) Wants to try out for the talent show, singing s00j, Tori Amos, or Idina Menzel.

Thanks for your feedback, guys. I have to remind myself that I'm doing something here that I've never ever done, so it's okay to stumble over things as I figure it out. I tend to put a lot of pressure on getting everything right the first time.

I love that I have people who will say "I understand, but you're wrong." Y'know, when they can back it up.

I think lightcastle hit the nail on the head when he said, "I think the problem is that you've set it up as world-building". Because this story's existed in my head as a complete world for so long, and because the conversations I've been having about it have mostly been with artists and musicians who will be helping with the world-building aspects, I'm accustomed to doing my best to set the world out on a silver platter and make sure I tell them everything right off. Because I'm telling them the world, not the story.

The story is, in Act One, finding Julia. In Act Two, it's training her and building up to the big battle with the Council. And I can't really tell you what Act Three is about. You'll see when you get there.

And while the finding, the training, and the fighting are going on, there is intrigue. There is bloodshed. There is romance, and there is heartbreak. There is self-discovery. There is a lot.

I just got kickass Napalm fanart. That improved my day immeasurably.

I am going to go have a cookie now.
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