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Tew's Day

Ow. Also? Calling doctor about out-of-control allergic reaction.

New page is up! Also, pics edited into previous page. Will be adding more character bios and backstory bits today, probably after a nap.
And. Disgruntled 'song is disgruntled.
* I've been distracted by ouch, so this is all I was able to get out today.
* Keep in mind that I do two parts of uploading and formatting to every one part of actual writing, so that's frustrating.
* And it is frustrating to have to wait on other people for necessary stuffs. It's reasonable, mind you, as other people have day jobs and are doing this gratis because I have no money to pay them. But. Frustrating.
* And most frustrating of all - I feel like all I've been able to do so far is basic exposition. Weeks. Of. Exposition. I want to just dive into the world. But you need background. So I am frustrated. Not liking this.

Wind Tunnel Dreams
I have to rustle up $150 to pay our comics guy; he stopped by the other week and left up months of back issues. Says to pay him when we get a chance. So I sent him the $150 I had in PayPal, but we owe him more, and I'm not comfortable setting aside money for anything else until I've paid that outstanding debt.

And I need to be raising money for Elayna's summer camp.

So.If you liked "Flying Lessons" and wanted to donate, now's good. I'll write an epilogue for it and send it to sponsors.

And... I'll be doing a special WTD event all next week. Seven fairy tales, reimagined. I hope you like them.

Elayna's Summer Camp
We won't know til the last minute if we have a place to stay on the Cape this summer. This makes Explo the better choice - but it's $2,000 for a three-week session ($3,500 for six weeks), and my parents are only willing to throw in about $600 of that. Not so free with the summer-camp help if they don't get to host her for the summer,it turns out. We'll be poking Adam's mom for help, but it's looking like we're going to have to raise some serious money.

So... ideas welcome.
Odd jobs for an odd 'song? I write, I proofread, I edit. I house-sit, I pet-sit, I run errands. I cannot do a lot of physical tasks.

You could commission a story. I don't know what I'd charge for that.

If you're interested in working on or having input into this project, join elsejournal!

Daily Science
Progress on the road to regenerating major body parts, salamander-style, could transform the treatment of amputations and major wounds.
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