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In other news...

...the parents are gone, thank goodness. I am now decompressing.

Got pretty much everything accomplished that we'd planned on getting accomplished, with a minimum of fuss (save for Dad continually getting lost because his "NeverLost" GPS was... misnamed). Did not get my computer looked at, because the tech guys were booked til 2, but I got a new battery.

Dude at register, looking at battery, looking at me, speaking slowly: "This is for a 12-inch iBook. You're sure that's what you need?"
Me: "Yep."
Dude: "You're sure."
Me: "...yes. I am quite certain."

Dude. I know I am a little tiny person. With the big eyes and all the hair. But I promise you that I know my damn computer. Also, I'm the one who pays the bills in my house, and my husband does the laundry, so there.

Yes. Decompressing.

Shayara will include a puzzle this week, courtesy of slipjig. Willit include art? Dunno. Will it be Tuesday or Thursday? Depends on the schedule of webgoddess jasra; the puzzle's to unlock a section I need help building.

Community for development of LJ clone = elsejournal.
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