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Happy birthday to mermaidnchains and phinnia!

Hello to new reader pixygal!

In honor of St.Patrick's Day: "Danny Boy" performed by the Swedish Chef, Animal, and Beaker.

Deep ouch from overdoing. Aside from mandatory light exercise to hold worse ouch at bay, I won't be up to much this week.

Pimpage of the Day
chaoticmatter says: "I'm part of a team from my university competing against five others in an online digital media competition. This is the very last week, and we're trying to get more people voting on the site in hopes of keeping our lead. The grand prize is a new laptop, which I sorely need as my current one is dying and I rely on it for grad school because I have carpal tunnel and can't write. Boo on hand problems!

Voting ends Tuesday at noon, Pacific standard.

My team is called the League of Notions, and our video is about how those who have different levels of dexterity can live independent and active lives, without needing to be coddled or patronized. Also, we used a pirate."

Go click. Costs you nothing, and helps someone!

My favorite CraigsList ad ever
Free Pet Turtle in Exchange for Hanging Out Nude
We have a pet turtle we are looking to give away and if you would like it all you have to do is come by our place in Milton and just hang out with us, and drink clean whatever only catch is you're naked, that's it... you must be a woman....turtle comes with food and terrarium to live in
* Location: South of Boston
* it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
* Compensation: Turtle

"Compensation: Turtle". I love that.

Dear Editors and Agents
james_nicoll has a question for you.

Subscribe to Talebones!
Subscription drive info here. Support small magazines!

Link Soup
* The Goddamn Batman.
* Your "ooh, shiny" update: Sorscha Azhure has a new site design and lots of new shinies. (I particularly covet Melusine.)
* YA authors blogfest!
* Paolo Baciagalupi on optimistic SF. Yes, I've been poking at this in my brain since the original Futurismic post, and I don't have an answer either. Hell, I write cyberpunk. Maybe Lara's story on Haven will turn out to be optimistic.
* Brad Bird Goes Live Action With ‘1906’

Link Soup: Science Edition
* Large Hadron Collider like whoa.
* Bad movie physics: A report card
* A tiny chemical "brain" which could one day act as a remote control for swarms of nano-machines has been invented.
* Growing stem cells on... shrinky dinks?

Breakfast with the parents, then the Apple Store for a new battery and to hopefully have my space bar issue looked at. Then editing "Flying Lessons" and writing tomorrow's Shayara.
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