Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

... okay.

Conversations I was not prepared to have tonight or this year:

The girls are recording conversations; someone mentions "gay" as a bad thing and Elayna pipes up, "It is not a bad thing."

H: "What does it mean?"
A: "When you're in loooove with someone of the same gender."
Me: "Actually, it's when you're only in love with someone of the same gender. If you're in love with people from both genders, you're bisexual." You know, for completeness' sake.
S: "My boyfriend's bisexual."

Just, y'know, conversationally.

Me: "...'k."
S: "Well, he's not really my boyfriend anymore. Turns out he likes boys more than he likes me."
Me:"...I'm sorry."
E: "I like you more than I like boys, S. And I like Elayna more than I like boys."
Elayna: "Wait, what?"

So yeah. That, and mucho innuendo (not just from Coyote-chan). I'm not ready for this party. I'm not supposed to have to do gay-boyfriend-breakup counseling til they're like 15. Right?

The LARP went very well, though. mllelaurel's an awesome GM, and these girls dropped right into character and stayed there, and came up with some flat-out brilliant ideas. We're recruiting them for further LARPing, totally.

The girls are now up in Elayna's room with a video camera. I'm afraid.
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