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disclosure because I feel better when I'm not holding things in

I've had at least two simple partial seizures over the past few weeks.

Not good, no, but not The Return of 2003, either. There's a clear cause here - stress. Yes, the stress you've been seeing shreds of all over my LJ was intense enough to make my brain malfunction.

How am I coping with this? Beating a social retreat, so I'm not organizing mass events again til, like, Thanksgiving. Being more reasonable about my schedule (the schedule I posted the other day = half of the stuff I was trying to jam in). Enforced rest. Not doing as many writing projects at once. Next week's almost entirely clear. I have a weeklong writing retreat next month.

What I also need to do is make money. But. Yeah. I poked my disability attorney to see if he has the paperwork from my rheumatologist yet.

Does this suck? Yeah. But it's not grand mals. It's not even complex partials, my usual kind. And I think destressing as much as I can will keep it from happening again.

And I feel better for saying something, not choking on silence.

I do not want cyberhugs. :P Instead, if you feel moved to comment, tell me something good that you did today, something good that happened, something good you're planning on - you get the idea.

Me, I cleaned up my desk and surrounding environs today. And had a massage, my first in months (and desperately needed). My hair looks great. And I have a date with feste_sylvain tonight.

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