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Odin's Day

Hello to new reader woodwindy!

Ow. *eyes weather*

A bit about our household and the phone.
* Do not call us after 9 unless there is an emergency. The upstairs phone is in Elayna's room now, and that's her weekday bedtime.
* If your number is blocked on caller ID, we will not pick up the phone. Ever. "Private number" is a sales call, and we don't answer them.
* Adam and I both hate the phone. I have a super-special hatred of the phone. Why do I hate it more than Adam? Because when the phone rings, I have to drop what I'm doing and not just answer the phone, but find the nearest phone. In our large two-story apartment. This often involves running. My body is very seldom up to running. So if you call me during the day (Adam and Elayna help with the phone hunt at night), you will be getting an annoyed, ouchy, and out-of-breath 'song.
* We both hate the phone anyway. The best way to communicate with the Gojirawitz clan is via e-mail. Gchat, for realtime conversations (the Shayara website was pretty much built over Gchat with jasra). Phone is for emergencies and quick urgent checkins ("I'll be late." "We're meeting at 3, right?" "Dude, turn on the TV -$PERSON's on!").

Yes, I have had to deal with the ringing phone a lot today, why do you ask?

"My girls"
Elayna's best friends have taken to calling me their second mother, so they're kinda-pseudo-adopted. Is why I say "my girls".

'Splodey Band Geek Girls
Last night, post-concert - two fl(a)utists, one violinist, one cellist, one singer, all terribly excited riding post-concert buzz,all talking over each other: "You were great!" "Omigawd, that flute solo in 'The Incredibles'! I want to learn that!" "I love your skirt!" "'Kiev' was awesome!" "I saw you chairdancing to that!" And all full of squee. Adorable.

Incidentally, if anyone has the sheet music for "The Incredibles", a photocopy of it would make Elayna's day.

Your comments on the thirteen post are wonderful- keep 'em coming!

More cyberfunded creativity!
(Stealing Ysabet's format:) belgatherial has created a new blog for cyberfunded creativity, "The Storytelling Hearth." There's a description of it here. The first installment of the first story, "Eternity Touch: Part 1" is here. There's a donation button on the sidebar and another after the installment.

Link Soup
* Scalzi examines the "1,000 True Fans" concept.
* "Long ago in Japan, human illness was commonly believed to be the work of tiny malevolent creatures inside the body. Harikikigaki, a book of medical knowledge written in 1568 by a now-unknown resident of Osaka, introduces 63 of these creepy-crawlies and describes how to fight them with acupuncture and herbal remedies."
* Asim is right.
* Fairy-tale pillows.
* Cute animalpics.

Daily Science
Humans, birds, and other creatures share a set of genes that lead to the development of fingers and other digits (like paws or wings), but the way those digits form has been a mystery. Now a group of researchers in Wisconsin have discovered the secret of digit growth, and perhaps the key to regrowing severed or stunted fingers.

io9 focuses on the geek aspects. I focus on the fact that this could be the cure to brachymetatarsia - that I may be one of the last people to grow up with this mutation. (No, I'm not getting it fixed. I'm used to only walking on four toes - five and I'd have to relearn balance!)

Writing tomorrow's Shayara - the first installment set in the city. Massage this afternoon, then hounding Miss Kid to clean her room (parents are arriving tomorrow), then date night with feste_sylvain. :)

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