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Sunday night miscellany

Life with 'song and Adam
'song, online: "Hey, your atheist buddy Christopher Hitchens thinks women aren't funny."
Adam, who cites 'song's sense of humor as why he fell for her: "Well, I think Christopher Hitchens isn't funny."

Cognitive Dissonance
The Shakespeare reading yesterday was fun. But playing both Beatrice and Dogberry made my head a bit spinny.

*blinks blearily*
I have pretty much been deep in books for a big chunk of this weekend. Today = vacation.

Ninja Song!
I have heard s00j's ninja song, and you have not. In related news, phone calls with s00j make me miss her even more. :(

Spring Schedule
March 12-17: parents in town.
April 4-6: me in Ft. Lauderdale.
April 7-11: me on writing retreat.
April 21-25: Elayna's spring break - possible NY trip.
May 23-26: Wiscon.

...damn, I want to find time to visit Spooky in there. All depends. After the parental invasion next weekend, my schedule clears a bit, and I get to see what it's like when I'm doing Shayara but am not juggling dozens of other things at breakneck speed. Then I can evaluate how much I can reasonably do without going mad. Like an elimination diet. Add things back slowly.

For perspective: I think today may have been the first real day off I've had since October.

Yes, some of this is self-inflicted. Not all of it, though. Well, okay, parenting a teenager is self-inflicted, but I can't reverse that decision and wouldn't even if I could. :P
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