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Happy early birthday to wolflady26, who advances a year over the weekend!

Still a bit meh. Four-hour nap yesterday.

Collaborating on Shayara jewelry with azhure and upstart_crow, and belgatherial wants to do Shayara recipes. Cool!

Tuesday = a flashback to five years ago.

Wind Tunnel Dreams
Wrapping Flying Lessons up today, and I hope you've enjoyed it. I need to sit down and sort the WTD sponsorships from the Shayara sponsorships so I can figure out how much it's made for me - want to do a graph for WTD earnings.

Yeah, this is my only income right now. *wry smile*

But my priest says,'You ain't saving no souls'
My father says,'You ain't making any money'
My doctor says,'You just took it to the limit'
And here I stand
With this sword in my hand

--Tori Amos, "Take to the Sky"

Hardcore Roman
The recipe for the much-loved lamb from my birthday bacchanalia. Not just a recipe - hardcore research. Go admire lightcastle's mad skillz!

Link Soup
* New Rogues & Wenches CD!
* Second trailer for Wanted.
* Free stories fromthe Wastelands anthology!
* This architecture is a cross between Willy Wonka and Doctor Seuss.
*Magical thinking.

Link Soup: Science Edition
* Comb jellies were our first ancestor?
* Saturn's moon Rhea may also have rings.
* A second Enlightment through smart drugs and body modifications?
* The ethics of synthetic biology.

Friday memage!
Wearing: Tigger PJs.
Reading: The Radiant Seas by Catherine Asaro, Everybody Into the Pool by Beth Lisick.
Elayna is Reading: The Third Eye by Lois Duncan.
Writing: Finishing, then editing "Flying Lessons". Shayara, always. Deciding whether to jump on placesyouhaunt or the steampunk spiritualist thing; I'm leaning towards placesyouhaunt simply because I don't have to do research for it. No time for research. :(
Planning Writing day with wired_lizard today. Much Ado About Nothing tomorrow - if we can get some more people! Absolutely nothing on Sunday.

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