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Thrashing kernel

**looks up at subject line** That could be a good band name. Kernel thrash, an offshoot of nerdcore...


Yeah. Anyway.

I am working myself into exhaustion. Because I have a ton of balls in the air, and I keep getting more to throw up there, and my body is saying "fuck you". So. I have got to pare down.

Just looking at the writing... I have WTD. I have Shayara. I have to either get placesyouhaunt into shape for workshopping or I have to write a decent chunk of the steampunk spiritualist thing. I have to start sending out query letters for Seizure Lass.

Like, all at the same time. And I should be submitting short stories, too.

Keep in mind that managing my body is a part-time job on the good days and a full-time job on the bad days. And fibro fog means no writing. Unpredictable, uncontrollable.

Also keep in mind the child-rearing stuff (I took off yesterday afternoon to go urban-exploring with the kids, frex) and household-management stuff. And the social-life stuff.

So I am struggling to find balance.

What to do? Well. I think it's really clear that I need that retreat - need to sit down and bang together the manuscript to be workshopped. Also need to prewrite some WTD. Because that's the thing that's easiest to drop without impacting a bunch of other stuff, but I did promise you that I'd do it through 2008 - and so far, it's the only thing I'm doing that's bringing in any money. (Need to design Shayara merch!) Can't drop Shayara. Can't drop Seizure Lass. The manuscript-to-be-workshopped is droppable - save that I think the workshop may dome a world of good, plus I can then use it in my Viable Paradise application. I can't really use Shayara for that.

And in the meantime, household stuff piles up. The car issues alone...

Yep. Exhausted and overwhelmed. I think I shall have a nap.
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