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Thor's Day

Hello to new reader jennywren129!

Still pretty seriously worn out. Deconditioned. Feh.

New page up!

It's not that art-y yet because the master illuminator is crazybusy, so I'm using the equivalent of stock footage. Just trying to break up the wall o' text. Things should hopefully be clearing up for some of the artists soon...

I'll be working on getting some more bios up today. I still have no art for Kieran and Halloran. They will have art-free bios for now.

President Bush Eliminates Funding for Reading Is Fundamental’s Historic Book Distribution Program Serving 4.6 Million Children.u

Link Soup
* I really need this coat.
* Another sequel toEscape From Witch Mountain?
* Ooooh. Tunnel under Niagara Falls!

Daily Science
Immune system in a jar?
Vaccines work by stimulating the immune system to produce antibodies against a specific "foreign" trigger called an antigen, for example a virus. But nobody wants to be first to test a vaccine. Trying it on animals such as mice is one option, but their immune systems may differ from humans' in some important way. That risks unforeseen effects when eventually tested in people, like the disastrous leukaemia drug trial in 2006 .

Now virologist George Lewis, at the University of Maryland in Baltimore, US, says he has found a way to grow a simple replica immune system in the lab.

Lewis and colleagues culture some of the white blood cells involved in the immune system in the presence of an antigen or vaccine. The culture responds by producing white blood cells that make antibodies specifically against the antigens. The researchers say the technique could be useful for testing the effectiveness of vaccines by determining whether they trigger production of required antibodies in the test tube, without having to inject them into real humans.

Daily BPAL

GLOWING VULVA AT RYOGOKU BRIDGE: Cream accord, amber, teak, and lotus blossom.

In bottle: Creamy amber...
On me: Mmm. Soft golden glow.

HARIKATA:Osmanthus, honey, golden musk, vanilla flower, and ginger.

In bottle: Wall of osmanthus.
On me: Mmm. Still very osmanthusy, but the musk peeks through.

MEN RINGING BELL WITH PENISES:Green sandalwood, rice wine, black tea, tonka, and moss.

In bottle: Pale and green - rice wine, moss.
On me: It disappears. :(

THE SPELL OF AMOROUS LOVE: Red currant, plum flowers, sake, green tea, and cherry blossom.

In bottle: Oooh. Currant and plum!
On me: Currant, plum, cherry blossom - this is pretty!

* WTD.
* Elayna has her last Gardisil shot this afternoon.
* Must make massage appointment for next week!
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