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Shayara Roleplaying Guide

This is so totally a work in progress. I didn't have anything ready, because I had no idea this many people would want to jump right in and play!

People who design games - halp. This is not my forte! lightcastle and I will work on it on Saturday, but in the meantime...

Here's a very rough guide to RP in Shayara. Please ask questions - that's how we figure stuff out.

First up: All RP takes place in the background of the world, essentially. Your characters will not become part of my story; my story is pretty well planned out for beginning to end, and I'm not looking for co-authors. RP won't shape the story, it'll deepen it. It's here for you to react to the events of the story and place with the set pieces.

Characters you cannot be: Any of my named characters. Any of the gods. A Mary Sue.

Recommended characters: Members of the Kirayth or Council. Musicians at Tyka's coffeehouse. Whatever.

About the Dasaroi:
Appearance: The Dasaroi are humanoid in appearance - enough so that they can and do interbreed with humans, and don't set off any red flags on most medical examinations. They have the full range of human appearance.

Powers: Dasaroi have psionic powers of varying intensity and ability. They tend to have their House's traditional gift. Almost all Shayaran Dasaroi do. Dasaroi outside the city sometimes vary (example: Napalm, a pyrokinetic L'Arathi). They were much stronger - like major pure-flow-of-magic strong - before the Fall - what they have now is a remnant of their original power. Your character can speak mind-to-mind, but he can't broadcast over the entire city. Your character can call the wind, but she can't make tornadoes.

Please review the information on Houses here.

Reincarnation: OH HAI, I RECYCLED YOUR SPIRIT. Yep, you're reincarnated, and can access some of your memories of past lives. Be creative with it! Remember the Battle of Hastings? Victorian society? Ancient Egypt? Tellus about it.

Shayara: The first city. Home. This is where the Dasaroi began, and it calls to you when you are away. Ever felt homesick for a place you've never been?
Shayara is a walled city that exists in our world - there's a New York, a Boston,a Chicago, and then there's Shayara. Thing is,there's a magical barrier around it - you can only find your way in if you have Dasaroi blood.
Inside the gates - this is a city that's accreted over time, a hodgepodge of architectural styles. Take the nickel tour,'k?

The Sanctuary: Read here.

Elsewhere? Sure. Could be fun to have a cluster of Dasaroi out in the world.

You can RP at tyka_cafe and kirayth.

When in doubt...
Ask me. I'm utterly swamped right now, so I may not get back to you the same day, but I will get back to you.

So. What am I forgetting?

holy crap, i am so tired.
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