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Odin's Day

Happy birthday to maltor!

Hello to new reader kiji_kat and returning reader dustyskinandall!

Upper back, neck, shoulders - not happy. Ow. Feeling a bit dragged out, too.

Dudes! Thank you for the pimpage. And dude, whoever told Illusion TV and Urban Fantasy Land - you rock.

Also, those who're sponsoring - thank you for being a patron of the arts. I hope you like it.:) (Someone needs to make patron icons for WTD and Shayara patrons!)

Where do we go from here? Well, to the Sanctuary, obviously. :) But I'll also be filling in Katrina and Jessa backstory as I give you the main story. Katrina's journal,you already have access to - but you'll have to find Jessa's. slipjig will be devising a puzzlegame to lead you to a certain secret room...

Shayara Roleplaying
I need to write up a quick guide to the Houses, traditional gifts, things you cannot do, places you can go, et cetera. There's already some fun RPing in the forums. :)

Free Will Astrology
Uncle Rob sez: "It's time you acknowledged that you are a miraculous work of art, a masterpiece unlike any other ever created. I'm not pandering to your egotism by telling you that. When I say, "Be yourself," I don't mean the self that wants to win every game and use up every resource and stand alone at the end of history on top of a Mt. Everest-sized pile of pretty garbage. When I say, "Be yourself," I mean the self that says thank you to the wild irises and the windy rain and the people who grow your food. I mean the self who's joyfully struggling to germinate the seeds of love and beauty that are packed inside every moment. I mean the spiritual freedom fighter who's scrambling and finagling and conspiring to shower all of your fellow messiahs with your best blessings."

Spring Plans
Okay. I want to go to the Looney Tunes ritual in TN on March 30, because I miss s00j and K. I want to visit Atlanta because I miss several people (most especially harkalark). I want to do a writing retreat with felisdemens somewhere in there for a manuscript I need to have ready by early April (this will be placesyouhaunt,the Vegas Tam Lin story) (we need someone to cook for us- anyone like to cook and have some time off?). I have to be in Florida for my sister's engagement party April 4-6. I want to visit Spooky,but I can do that sometime in April, prolly.

So. If this could be managed - TN (free flight) to either GA (train) or writing retreat (train) to FL (flight paid for by parents). Either that, or writing retreat sometime between March 17 and March 28 (TMBG concert).

Just thinking aloud. I hate having a lot of variables to nail down - hits the brain damage.

Link Soup
* A letter to people without chronic pain.
* My husband is correcting his memoirs.
* Vote for Spooky's TV show!
* Fun hotel rooms.
* Prince Caspian promo pics.

Daily Science
Australian scientists have developed a blood test for African sleeping sickness that does not require the fancy equipment found in upscale medical labs. Even better, they made the details of their work available for free by publishing a paper in the Feb. 6 issue of PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases, which operates under a Creative Commons license.

Daily BPAL

Love's Philosophy: Vanilla, saffron, and cream.
In bottle: The creamy vanilla first, then the tang of the saffron. Yum.
On me: Candylicious. Mmm.This could go on the bottle wishlist.

The Passionate Shepherd to his Love: Heather, clover, Irish moss, English ivy, tea rose, and carnation.
In bottle: Ivy, my old friend! Tea roses scattered in a trellis of ivy.
On me: Much the same. I'll have to wait and see if rose takes over...

Sapphics: Tonka, oakmoss, tolu balsam, grey amber, myrrh, and muguet.
In bottle: Mostly grey amber and muguet.
On me: Same. *Very* faint, though.

Dream of the Fisherman's Wife: Seaweed, honey, white mint, and ambergris.

In bottle: Mint and ambergris. Odd!
On me: Same. Eh. Also not much like octopus sex.

WTD & Shayara.
Cleaning up around here - my office is suffering from post-party syndrome.
Meeting at the Rape Crisis Center tonight.
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