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Okay, now you can pimp. (Please do!)

So what am I doing here?

Originally conceived as a series of novels,then as a comic book, then as a webcomic, Shayara is now something new - it's a collaborative online world. The main story will be linear. Things will branch off of it, stories will run in parallel, and you'll get flashbacks and privileged information off the beaten path. Don't want to explore? Okay. Just read the updates on the main page. Want to explore? There will be layers of story there for you to immerse yourself in.

The collaborative part? Art. Music. All by you,dear readers. lrstrobel has proposed a score; I need to get with him on that. There's currently art up there from aaronace, charitypomaybo, haikujaguar, m0usegrrl, team_tim, and thedigitalkuri. If you're inspired, do something and send it to me; I'll put it up and link to your chosen site.

Also, there is a forum! Specifically,there's an in-character forum and an out-of-character forum. Discuss the story, or make up your own character and interact with mine!

My world. Let me show you it.
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