Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Whee. :)

I currently have wonderful gifty things all over my coffee table. :) A book of short stories from felisdemens. A princess collar and matching earrings from feste_sylvain (made by felicianlogic). This necklace as a hostess gift (had a Wyrding Studios party as part of the festivities). A shawl and hat knitted by eustaciavye.

And oh, my.

kythryne made me three pieces based on my jewel-queen triptych - the ruby princess's necklace of pearls and opals, with one small ruby set in the clasp. The opal queen's copper-and-citrine cage. The pearl-queen's ladder,set against shimmering fused glass.

It is a tremendous and beautiful thing to see one's words translated through a gifted artist's hands.

Pictures to follow, I'm certain; I'll take some if Kyth hasn't already. Felicia, did you take pics of these gorgeous earrings, or should I?

I have awesome friends. :)

As for other stuff...phew! What's up now on is still intro. Don't pimp til Tuesday, we're not out of prologue yet! :)

I have been happy and bouncy today, but am a bit jangly again now, as I haven't had a minute to myself in days, and I've been organizing stuff and hostessing and writing Wind Tunnel Dreams and and and I need downtime. So tomorrow (after breakfast with felisdemens & co), I will have... wait, no, I won't; Elayna has to go to the doctor. **looks at schedule** Okay... Friday I will have some downtime.



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