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eek. eek. eek.

So I just set off the smoke alarm - candle burning clear through its holder.

But the thing is, with my sensory issues - I couldn't parse it.

The sound was sudden and completely overwhelming, and it paralyzed me. Which does not speak well for my ability to respond in the event of an actual fire. A wall of sonic shrieking pinned me to my seat, and I could not map it to anything in my experience. Is that coming from my computer? Illogically, I unplugged the printer and closed my laptop. Still shrieking. Turned around, shaking, and noticed the little plume of smoke coming from the candle. Blew it out. Looked up at the shrieking alarm. Completely unable to figure out what to do. Turn it off? No non-wheeled chairs nearby. I ran around the house. Open a window? No windows near there. Spotted a chair, carried it over - and the shrieking stopped.

What I find worrisome here is the amount of time it took for me to connect the sound with its fairly obvious source, being so completely overwhelmed that I could not move at first, and the inability to push through the klaxon to reason out a way to make it stop. I do not like my sensory issues. I do not like them, Sam I Am.

I guess this helps with the continual mapping of the brain damage.
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