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I started writing as therapy in fifth grade; I submitted something for the first time in late November 2007.

Yeah, there's a big gap there. :)

When I was but a wee traumatized thing, writing wasn't "what I want to do when I grew" up - that came later. (I was going to be a ballerina, dammit.) At first,it was something I had to do do get my therapist off my back. I wouldn't talk to her - so she made me write. Oh, about anything. So I wrote about spaceships piloted through black holes by telepaths, wrote horror stories about girls with the names of flowers, postapocalyptic dystopias and fucked-up fairytales. And yes,I still have all of this. And yes,it all sucks. I was a kid, okay?

I started to write Shayara after a suicide attempt when I was 16. I was in the ICU, and they would allow me nothing but a legal pad and pen. No TV, no books. Pad and pen.

I continued it for years...

Then the rape. Then seven years of post-traumatic writers' block.

And then I was jolted out of the block by the possibility of writing Shayara as a comic - and chased that dream for another six years, with an artist who was ultimately just not committed to it. I have a few nice character portraits out of that partnership, and an eight-page story that appeared in Shooting Star Comics Anthology #6. And...I'd been waiting around for six years, just idly tossing out scenes to entertain the LJ audience.

Losing my artist threw me for a loop. I had to completely change the way I approached my story. You can't come to grips with that in a weekend, dude. So to get myself out of the "I'm writing a comic. No, really I am!" mindset, I decided to write a piece of short fiction every day of November, based on reader prompts.


That worked. :)

So, rather than being a writer waiting for an artist, as I was for years, I am a writer rediscovering myself. New worlds almost daily.

Someone asked in response to a Wind Tunnel Dreams post why I haven't Been Published. Well, it's because I just started trying. Can't win the lottery if you don't buy a ticket! That first thing I submitted was accepted, and will be published by Electric Velocipede in November. I'm submitting more stuff. I am no longer waiting.
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