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Happy birthday to fmh!

Happy early birthday to ivymcallister and my birthday buddies ladyseaand shugenja, who advance a year over the weekend!

*moves her token to 34*

The bulk of the snot goblins' occupation has shifted to my head. There are some holdouts clogging and rattling around and harrumphing in my lungs, still. But I am functional.

One amendment: As felisdemenswon't be doing the scavenger hunt, Elayna and I will split up and each join one of the other teams. I'll let her choose.

Wrote what could be a decent intro and am getting feedback. Artists, please get me stuff as soon as you can - I want to launch on Sunday, and my weekend will be busy as hell, so I'd love to put up as much as I can in advance!

I will be attending my first WisCon this year! Who here's going?

More on Rape Culture
Just have to draw your attention to one more thing - David & Goliath t-shirt that says "NO MEANS NO (well maybe if I'm drunk)". Bloody hell, y'all.Check it out here,and I urge you to write to David & Goliath telling that this is not freakin' funny.

Link Soup
* Oooh.More Evangelion?
* Strange phenomena.
* Elegant skyscrapers.

Daily Science
NIDCD researchers believe that they have identified the cognitive neural substrate of jazz improvisation...It was found that the improvised condition was characterized by reduced activity in the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex, a region of the brain thought to be involved in the planning, organization and execution of behaviours. The implication is that deactivation activity in this area underlies the spontaneity required for the musicians' improvisation.

Friday memage!
Wearing: Am half asleep in Tigger pajamas.
Reading: Metrophage, by Richard Kadrey; Overdo$ed America: The Broken Promise of American Medicine by John Abramson
Elayna is Reading:Little Brother by Cory Doctorow
Writing: essay, "Flying Lessons" (the March WTD - outlining it), Shayara. February has been mega crunch time so far as writing goes. March will be significantly less crazymaking.
Oh, crap, dude. Writing stuff. Finishing the tidying. Getting whoever shows up here first to take me food shopping. Bacchanalia, scavenger hunt, et cetera

Note: If you want custom Wyrding Studios work, e-mail kythryne AT so she'll bring the right stuff! She's not bringing the whole inventory.

ZOMG birthday.
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