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Life with 'song and Adam

'song: *lists everything she has to do tomorrow, in reverse order*
Adam: "But you should kinda do those in reverse."
'song: "Me am Bizarro 'song! Goodbye!"
Adam: *laughs*
'song, adoringly: "I hate you."
Adam, equally adoringly: "I hate you too, honey."
'song: *contented sigh*

'song: "I have the beginning of Les Mis running through my head."
Adam, who hates Les Mis with a fiery passion: "I'm sorry."
'song: "Probably because I didn't get anything done today. [singing, with limited breath and even more limited skill] At the end of the day you get nothing for nothing..."
Adam, singing: "At the end of the play we're another year older..."
'song: "Sitting flat on your butt doesn't buy any bread..."
Adam: "And we're often exhausted from playing the poor..."

We're married to each other because no one else speaks our language.
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