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And here's some stuff to piss you off.

* When you went to school, chances are the worst thing you faced was the schoolyard bully, the occasional fight in the field or some less than good-natured teasing. Hard as it may seem to believe, those were the good old days. It appears a growing number of young girls are not only being sexually assaulted on campus, but have come to think of it as a normal part of their educational experience.

* What campus rape crisis? Promiscuity and hype have created a phony epidemic at colleges.

Yeah. I call bullshit so hard on that second one. I'm trained as a campus rape counselor, and I give talks at local colleges for the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center. So, y'know, I know.

Rather than asking female students about rape per se, Koss asked them if they had ever experienced actions that she then classified as rape. One question, for example, asked, "Have you had sexual intercourse when you didn't want to because a man gave you alcohol or drugs?" -- a question that is ambiguous on several fronts, including the woman's degree of incapacitation, the causal relation between being given a drink and having sexual intercourse, and the man's intentions.


...if a guy drugs you and has nonconsensual sex with you, that's rape.

Sixty-five percent of those whom the researchers called "completed rape" victims and three-quarters of "attempted rape" victims said that they did not think that their experiences were "serious enough to report."

See that first article. Young women freaking expect sexual assault nowadays. That, and sometimes people (the articles focus on women, but not all rape survivors are female) feel humiliated, or they don't want people to know, or they can't bear to think about it; there are lots of reasons people don't report.

Not reporting the rape does not mean that the rape didn't happen.

Thankfully, Nora Niedzielski-Eichner from SAFER wrote a rebuttal here:On the one hand, we have the continual commodification of sex in America. Women's bodies are everywhere, selling cars, movies and pop stars in increasingly explicit terms, but with little focus on mutuality, emotions, knowledge, conversation or consent. On the other hand, we have abstinence-only education and MacDonald-like calls for chastity, which also focus very little on mutuality, emotions, knowledge, conversation or consent. So when it comes to an in-person sexual interaction between two students with these two cultures to draw on, is it any surprise that some men are picking the elements that justify forcing a woman to have sex or that some women are confused about what happened to them and whose fault it is?

I recommend reading all three articles.

What can we do to dismantle a rape culture? Discuss.
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