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Thor's Day

Hello to new reader catrambo!

Yeah, this is bitchslapping me. The snot goblins have thoroughly colonized my chest and esophagus. And I'm weak. Less feverish than yesterday, though.

So hey. Once I'm symptomatic, I'm not Infectious Lass anymore, right? Because I would like to still hold my weekend of parties, if that is so.

Link Soup, Science Edition
* Scientists are priming two spacecraft to slam into the moon's South Pole to see if the lunar double whammy reveals hidden water ice.
* Electronic tattoo display runs on blood.
* More than a mile below the surface of the Antarctic waters, scientists have discovered a world of huge worms, giant jellyfish, and spiders as big as dinner plates.
* A Real-Life Orgasmatron. Spinal implant. This one freaks me right out, actually.

Rest. Rest. Rest. Make family clean up around here, when they get home.

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