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Some more info, unearthed by lightcastle:

Comissatio refers to conversations with drinking in the late hours. The Latin word convivium refers to "living together", which Cato the Elder declared the better choice than the Greek work symposium,
meaning "drinking together." Younger men inclined to the Greek view, where dinner proper was followed with a drinking revel. This was referred to as comissatio or compotatio. These gatherings were disapproved due to the amount of wine consumed, lower tone of occasion, questionable amusements, and adoption of certain Greek
customs. Such customs included the use of perfumes and flowers, selection of a master of the revels, and a different method of drinking. Perfumes and flowers were used in belief that they delayed intoxication. After dessert and wine, diners anointed themselves with perfumes and put on crowns of flowers. Roses were most popular, thus, it became associated with wine-drinking.

Master of the Revels
The "Master" was chosen by the highest dice tossed. He usually called on some god or sweetheart for luck when throwing the dice. He was then declared the REX BIBENDI - master of the revels (magister, arbiter).

This person determined the water:wine ratio, the drinking rules(dubbed "leges insanae" by Horace), entertainment by the guests, and the penalties/forfeits for rule-breaking.

So who's bringing the flowers, and who's bringing the wine? (Red,please!) We have dice and perfume. :)

Another note: I was so not kidding about declaiming poetry and playing music. If you play, bring your instrument! If you write, bring your work! If you sing, sing! If you dance, dance! If you do none of these things, bring your favorite poems or stories by other people to read.

If this goes well, it could be the first in a series.I can totally see throwing these things to honor visitors like s00j and asim.
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