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Odin's Day

Happy birthday to sleigh!

Hello to new reader antonstrout!

Pretty well covered in previous post. Chest has been colonized by snot goblins, and they tore up my throat on the way down.I must've picked this up from the plane...

If I rest,I'll probably be okay in time for the parties this weekend. Right?

Wind Tunnel Dreams
"Apostate" was the final WTD for February. Yes,I should've finished it on Feb.7. This February has been made of fail,though.I will do better next month. Thanks for the sponsorship, autonand vampry!

Also, I finished "Hey Elizabeth", so sponsors who want the complete story, please let me know; sponsors who want the whole story, please hit the shiny PayPal button. I'm very pleased with it. This was one of those experiences where it felt more like channeling than writing; what transpires in Elizabeth's eighth and ninth years is Just Right, and fits seamlessly. I don't often praise my own work -I'm more likely to pick at it! So when I say that I thinkI did really well, that's saying something.

March's WTD will be a return to the seven-part story format, and is tentatively titled "Flying Lessons".

WTD Analysis for people examining cyberfunded creativity
I made a fraction this month of what I made last month; I think it's due to the ball-dropping. People seem to sponsor more when it's one complete story or when it's a marathon, like November. (Will I do a marathon month again? Maybe,but not soon.)

Link Soup
* Did L.Ron Hubbard plagiarize Scientology?
* Prozac doesn't work. (Color me shocked. Shocked,I tell you.)
* The Kunst- und Wunderkammer of Wolf Dietrich. Go. Read.
* Top Ten Crazy Asian Pizza Crusts. Shrimp! **gags**

Daily Science
Researchers had developed a new nanoscale crystal called ZIF (zeolitic imidazolate framerwork) that can trap 80x its volume of carbon dioxide.
This particular crystal has excited proponents of carbon-capturetechnology for its ability to absorb CO2 and nothing else, but the process that head researcher Omar Yahgi and his lab used to develop the compound is potentially much more significant.
Yahgi’s lab employs automation techniques frequently found in the biotech and pharmaceutical industry to rapidly test crystal samples on a scale not previously possible, which has led to an avalanche of new discoveries. At one point, the technique was yielding so many potentially useful compounds that Yahgi had to ask his students to stop so they could publish their findings. Possible uses for crystals that can selectively absorb specific molecules are numerous, including military applications and hydrogen-fuel storage for green vehicles.

Rest, reading, writing.
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