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New York City tomorrow!

Right, then. *cracks knuckles*

I will be in NYC tomorrow for the Flogging Molly concert at the Fillmore in Irving Plaza. I am staying with regyt.

This is all I know.

I'll be taking a Greyhound from Boston to NYC Port Authority. I don't know what time. Really, I can get there anytime, but I do need to buy that ticket, like now.:) So! Any of you New Yorkers free tomorrow afternoon to hang out? Or should I plan for late afternoon?

Also, lots of you have said things to the effect of "let's do $MEAL!" Unfortunately, I can't stay for long - I have *way* too much to do here in Boston before the weekend's festivities and the Shayara launch. So meal/meeting times are limited to dinner tomorrow and breakfast Thursday. Dinner should be around Irving Plaza, as the Flogging Molly show starts at 7:30.

So! Please comment here if you want to dine with me tomorrow and/or breakfast with me on Thursday! Bonus points if you actually know restaurants around Irving Plaza and are willing to organize stuffs.

I really do want to see everyone. And I'll be back this spring, likely with Elayna - we're considering an NYC trip as her April Break vacation. Thingie. But I can't stay any longer this trip. :(

Anyway. Please let me know!

And yes, I'm antsy about this; I've only ever been to New York once, and I was driven there, and escorted by natives at all times. I'm a bit nervous about navigating a strange city solo. So, New Yorkers who are free tomorrow afternoon, *definitely* let me know! (EDIT: okay, "antsy" and "a bit nervous" are massive understatements. Try "trying to not panic about solo travel to/in a sensory-overwhelming place.")

EDIT: Will arrive at 3:30.

Dinner: 6 PM. S'Mac in Union Square, or Momofuku? With blergeatkitty, brokensiren, texmorgan, regyt, novalis,aussie_nyc... anyone else? And does someone want to take point on this, as I'll be away from the computer from about 9 AM tomorrow onward?

I'llbring Elayna's cellphone.E-mail me if you need the number!
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