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Tew's Day

Hello to new reader varkat!

Meh. Painwise, I'm at tolerable levels, but I'm pretty exhausted.

Birthday Party
* So for the bacchanalia, I have me, Adam, feste_sylvain, slipjig, felisdemens and not-Porkchop, oneagain, lightcastle, tenshikurai9, eustaciavye, crazybone, gravitrue, emilytheslayer, and pseydtonne. If you're not on that list and want to be fed, answer this poll by the end of the day today!

* For the Scavenger Hunt, I have me, slipjig, jennifer + husband, felisdemens, lightcastle, tenshikurai9, eustaciavye, crazybone, and emilytheslayer. Again,if you're not on this list and want to be, answer the poll! We have to form teams and stuff. :)

Saturday night and Sunday don't require RSVPs. Saturday night is a Bad Movie Marathon and slumber party. Sunday is sort of a free-flowing con sort of thing, and looks to be the most popular event, going by the poll. Don't be scared of the bacchanalia and the scavenger hunt, guys! :) Sunday's events will include a Wyrding Studios jewelry party, a meet & sniff, gaming (Elayna will pwn you at Apples to Apples. Also, we have a Wii and aren't afraid to use it!), and whatever comes up. Mini writing marathon, maybe? We have enough space to have several things running at once.

I know I've been posting about this a *lot*. But there are always people who miss posts and then are sad that they did not know about the event.

Also? Planning events and poking people for RSVPs and stuff? Not a thing I enjoy. Having people over and doing fun stuff, yes. But organizing is not my kink.

shayara - official LJ community.
shayarafeed - RSS feed of the front page of Remember, you won't catch the side stories and Easter eggs if you only read the feed, but it'll be good to remind you when updates go up!

It's going to start without much art, I think. :( I've got artists working on character portraits for the bios, but it's not likely that anyone will have time to do spot illos at first. (If you're an artist with time on your hands, let me know!) It will come.

Link Soup
* My fabulous husband on Clute's delusions about young adult fiction.
* The subterranean farms of Tokyo.
* Norway's Doomsday Vault.
* Photo tour of Iran. Gorgeous.
* Creative bookshelves. I *heart* the Cave.

Daily Science
Yes, another article about CERN and the Large Hadron Collider. Yes,I'm obsessed.

I only get to go to Diesel if I get enough writing done. Yesterday's readers: thank you! I will edit that story up today and get it out the door. *decisive nod* And work on Shayara.
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