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I am starting to realize that, starting Sunday,I've committed myself to posting Shayara storybits twice or three times a week (starting with twice) for... I don't know how long. Years?

Shayara has existed as a world-in-my-head for a long time. When I was working on it as a comic,I was hung up waiting for my artist to kick into gear, so I wrote little scattered things just to keep my eye on the world. That's been the case for years.


This is not dipping my toes in every so often when I feel like checking up on my characters. This is full immersion.'s gonna be weird in my head for a while.

Shayara starts its new life as a web-based story with art on this Sunday, March 2 (my birthday, is why), and will be posted Tuesday and Thursday thereafter til it's done. (Yes, this is a finite story.) There will be music. There will be goodies for forum members (and there are in-character and out-of-character sections of the forum- watch the IC one for bonus storybits). There will be secret pockets of story hidden all over the site. Easter eggs,baby.

More than anything else, there will be story.

Shayara is urban fantasy. It's about the Dasaroi - the race that existed before humans and now coexists with them, has interbred with them, and is being drawn back to the place of their race's birth. It's about power and responsibility, it's about justice and strength, it's about love and truth.

And it's about finding home.

All flashy psionic powers and quests and revolutions aside (and there will be those, don't worry!) - it's about finding home.
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