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As you know (Bob), my birthday is this Sunday (whee!), and I am having a three-day birthday extravaganza.


It always drives me crazy when people don't RSVP. But this time, more than ever, you absolutely must, dudes.

* We need a headcount for Friday's symposium/bacchanalia. lightcastle will be preparing a feast in the grand Roman tradition, and as we're both kinda low on cash, we really need to know exactly how many people we're cooking for.

* We need a headcount for Saturday's Scavenger Hunt, because we need to know how many teams we'll have. This is important for Hunt planning.

Sunday's more freeform; Saturday night, too. Announcements on those will go up later in the week. RSVPs for those are recommended, because it's The Right Thing To Do, but they are not mandatory.

Due to the nature of the symposium/bacchanalia and scavenger hunt, RSVPs are absolutely required. Deadline to RSVP is Tuesday night (2/26). If you have not RSVPed by tomorrow night, you will not be fed!

More about all of this here.

RSVP here. If you think you RSVPed but aren't sure, please go check. If you're bringing a date (or two), comment there. Or have them come answer the poll.

If you are attending the symposium/bacchanalia, please bring a musical instrument if you have one, and be prepared to declaim poetry and stuff. :)

So. Yeah. This is a hell week, a crunch week; please make this part easy-ish for me!
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