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Boskone pics

persis asked me to do a reading in Dragoslair at Boskone - the kid area. I agreed. (Remember that three-cons-in-a-month thing? Madness!) It was billed as "Bedtime Stories for Young and Old", so I led off with the Jewel Queens, followed that up with "Wool and Silk and Wood" and the jewel-queens arriving at the grandmother's house. Followed that up with the "stop picking at that!" short from Wind Tunnel Dreams back in February and, well, anything else that was reasonably lighthearted; I do tend toward the grim and gritty. Dove into Shayara with a slice of Jessa's story, and a bunch of Napalm stuff. Note: Kids love Napalm. (The character, not the substance.)

The reading was really well-received. Like I said, I'm still learning this stuff! I rushed the transitions between storybits a bit, alethea_eastrid said, and I figured out why - within the story, I am the Pearl Queen, the jeweler's apprentice, Jessa, Napalm. And then I emerge, and I'm just me, and there is a room full of people staring at me. (And applauding. That's okay. If they were just staring, it would be bad.) So I blink and say "Okayhere'sanother!" and dive back in. I need to work on that. :) liamastliam said I did very well at giving every character a separate voice, and he loved the stories.

I had a good growd. There are people in Liam's pics I don't remember seeing! Too focused on reading. :)

So anyway, liamstliam took a bunch of pictures, as he is wont to do. Notes: As this is Dragonslair, all the chairs were pushed against the wall to allow for playspace, so most of my audience was sprawled on the floor. Attendees ranged in age from about three to however old Liam is. :P (The youngest actually said "That's a great pun!" at one point.) I am sitting crosslegged on that chair with the skirt hanging over my legs, is why I look weird, proportionally. (My feet don't touch the ground.)

I think I should have said up front that the Jewel Queens will be okay. Talis was bereft through the whole thing, apparently. :(

The children are much relieved. (They really liked Napalm.)

I has a husband!

Also, I has a wall of knitters! (emilytheslayer, not pictured (Liam really only took pics of the kids, and mostly Elayna), also knits, but was sitting with the kids and not knitting at the time.)

Elayna, post-reading: "That was my mom!"
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