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Context: australian_joe and I were on AIM, and the topic of people looking younger than they are arose (specifically younger-than-21).

Me: I tend to look young for my age, but don't have any pics online of me at 21. Or any pics at all of me between 13-21.
Joe: Yeah, hard to imagine you as much younger
Me: Heh. [smile] Why?
Joe: Not sure. Perhaps I've absorbed a lot of stories about you completely reinventing yourself, so a young you seems like a different person - the current you was never young.
Me: Hm. Excellent point. I are new!
Joe: Means you might still be under warranty, you should place a tech support call.

I would like to file a bug report! :)

He has a point, though. I'm pretty much on 'song 3.0 or 4.0 now, and this version developed when I was 21+; the current me has always been a mother, for example. (Yep, born pregnant. Like a tribble.)

(I was mistaken for Elayna's sister at Boskone, though. :) )
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