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Back from Boskone, half-dead...

Notes for future:

* The reading went great. I'm still learning how to do readings... so the transitions from storybit to storybit were a bit rushed. The actual story parts I did well on. I apparently do well on vocal changes for different characters - yay! And people laughed at all of the appropriate parts. At Arisia (my first reading evar), I was terrified all the way through, and I think it showed. Here, I was comfortable when reading the stories, and only didn't know what to do with myself when I was speaking as myself, as opposed to speaking as the characters. Ancora imparo - I am still learning. But it all went over very well. I'm relaxing into this.

* Elayna is growing up in con culture - growing up knowing that she can just walk up to her favorite writers and talk to them about their books and about writing in general. That is an amazing thing, something I cannot entirely wrap my head around right now. (My brain is ded.)

Non-Boskone-related thoughts:

* Now I have to pack for a fucking week in fucking Arizona. No offense to those of you who live in Arizona. I just hate being away from home for a week when I have so much to do, especially with Shayara setup.

* Don't try to make any plans with me til March 3. No, seriously. I have *tons* to get done the week before that. If it isn't
a) Flogging Molly in NY
b) my birthday party
you will not see me. You may not see me til late March. Yes, this is driving me nuts.

Now, I go call Teh Boyfriend.
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