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Health insurance bullshit

I'll bold the parts that I find to be especially made of FAIL on the part of the system.

* Was unable to reach rheumatologist yesterday in time for them to call in my Celebrex prescription.
* Called this morning, had them call it in.
* Called pharmacy to make sure everything was in order before Adam trekked over there.
* Pharmacy said they couldn't fill the prescription, because it required prior authorization. They said they notified the doctor. (They did not notify us.) We told them we had a prior authorization form on file. They claimed ignorance.
* Called the doctor. Doctor's office said the pharmacy did not notify them. They were unable to grab my file, as the doctor was in his office with a patient, but they said prior authorization generally lasts a year. It has not been a year.
* Called the insurance company. They said it was a six-month prior authorization, and claimed that they sent a letter telling me when it would run out. They did not. (I save every bit of medical info. My file cabinets are impressive.) They said to have the doctor's office fax over the paperwork.
* Called doctor's office, they're faxing, we wait.

Now, I've gone into my issues with Prior Authorization before. Simply stated, if my doctor prescribes something, I regard it as being fucking well authorized. I don't think the insurance company has any place here. I had to fight them regarding anti-seizure meds, I had to fight them for Lunesta (twice), and I had to fight them for the Celebrex (less than six months ago, I bet). What is this prior authorization bullshit? I ask you. No, seriously, I ask you. If anyone knows, please tell me. Because I'd like to know what the thought process (or lack thereof) is here.

The extra problem here is this: We'll be at Boskone all weekend, and we're flying to Arizona on Monday.

My last Celebrex will be tomorrow morning.

So if this doesn't get dealt with today, I am so screwed. I can deal with a day at a con sans Celebrex. But four, five hours in a plane will be brutal anyway. Without my anti-inflammatory? Oh hells no.


Yeah. You want to know why I don't get more writing done? Because I have to spend all my time dealing with this bullshit. When I'm not incapacitated by the medical issues that are the impetus for this bullshit. And, y'know, sometimes there's overlap, and isn't that great fun.
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