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For my own reference

Your Shayara flash-fiction requests, in chronological order, to be struck though when I write 'em:

The beginning... when the first stones of Shayara were laid.
- A past Lishaya
- Jeramie's childhood
- Alexander, the week before he became the Telenias (when he found out he was tapped)
- Donna, the night before the Purges.
- Alanna, the day after the Purges.
- Alanna, after the Purges, when she can see where she is after the fallout.
- Donna, on the first anniversary of the purges.
- Lyric! Please? After she's gotten more music and stuff and has started to settle.
- Telenias's first reaction to Julia
- Julia & Capri's first meeting
- Halloran finally getting his head out of his butt about Capri
- Napalm, the first time he ever (if ever) used his powers with full intent to harm another. Not a panic, not a mistake, but actual desire to injure.
- Napalm, in the future when he has mastered his powers, using them willfully for something -- in protection of someone else, or himself, or both.

No particular time requested:
- Janos
- Tessa
- Johnathan
- Napalm! Napalm learning how to wear a kilt properly! Napalm eating ice cream and setting fire to stuff and doing the Macarena! (felisdemens is on crack.)
the character who controls time

My thoughts:
* Unsurprised at the Alanna, Telenias, and Napalm fanbases. The Jeramie one made me go "ooooh"; that's something that I've never explored.
* Part of the fun of this was seeing the comment notifications come in and guessing who would want what character before opening them. And being right each time.
* Characters I'm surprised didn't get name-checked: Julia, Capri, Halloran, Kieran, Fenris.
* Characters I'm not surprised didn't get name-checked, because you don't know them well yet: Kristian, any of the other Kirayth, Katrianna, Stephen, Tyka, Jason, Shawn.

I write after shower. *nod*
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