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Thor's Day

Happy Valentine's Day/Lupercalia!

Valentine for the rest of you!

Valentinr for me: My Valentinr - shira
Get your own valentinr

...'k. I'm done now.

Yes, I have a strange obsession with American Gladiators.

I am cautiously optimistic. My hands are still bad, but otherwise, I had much more mobility yesterday than I've had.

Elayna's Hair
Miss Kid's getting her hair cut this afternoon. :( Yesterday was her last day with her waist-length little-girl hair. Today will be her first day with funky teenager hair.

Yeah, I'm mourning her hair. :P I had long hair til about second grade, when my parents forced me into the Dorothy Hamill bowl cut. They kept my hair short as long as they had me. So for me, Elayna keeping her long hair for so long was Important. And she agreed with me for so long - that Grandma was crazy, that long hair rulez.

But... it's gotten to the point where she can't *stand* her hair. I'm watching it drive her a little nuts. And just as I should've been free to grow my hair long as a kid and teenager, she should be free to have hers the way she wants it (within reason).

Yes, I'm grieving for my daughter's hair a bit. Yes, I'll get over it. It's just - transition point.

Gotta say, having Coyote-chan around really brings out my inner Tessa. Because she and Elayna are very like Napalm and Johnathan, all crashbanging upstairs all afternoon...

Woke up with Tessa "talking" to me this morning. Excellent. I needed that.

Outlined yesterday, and found that each of the three acts has seven major beats. Interesting - there are three strata of Dasaroi Houses, each with seven Houses... I can has structure!

Link Soup
* The Bureau of Communication - fill-in-the-blank letters for every occasion!
* Cute Mac shirts. :)
* Curious Expeditions: Grand Bazaar. Shiny!

Daily Science
Speaking of Napalm... Flames are hard to understand because they are complicated. In an ordinary candle flame, for example, thousands of chemical reactions take place. Hydrocarbon molecules from the wick are vaporized and cracked apart by heat. They combine with oxygen to produce light, heat, carbon dioxide and water. Some of the hydrocarbon fragments form ring-shaped molecules called polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and, eventually, soot. Soot particles can themselves burn or simply drift away as smoke. The familiar teardrop shape of the flame is an effect caused by gravity. Hot air rises and draws fresh cool air behind it. This is called buoyancy and is what makes the flame shoot up and flicker.
Flame balls, on the other hand, are simple. The balls form in low gravity where turbulence and buoyancy have little effect. Oxygen and fuel combine in a narrow zone at the surface of the ball, not hither and yon throughout the flame. Once ignited and stabilized, their size remains constant. Unlike ordinary flames, which expand greedily when they need more fuel, flame balls let the oxygen and fuel come to them. Finally, the fact that flame balls are spherical reduces their dimension to one: the radius of the flame itself.

Shayara. Haircut. *nod*
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