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Posts about thoughts about short fiction

* SFSignal interviews various editors on the purpose of the short story, and whether it's dying. (I am mentioned in John Klima's part, if not by name. "I have a poem coming up later this year that made me stop and say 'wow' out loud. It's just stunning. It's the first thing she's ever submitted anywhere." Squee! This makes me bounce around like a ferret on crack, seriously.)

* Futurismic wonders if SF should be more optimistic.

As you know (Bob), I don't think the short story is dying. I do think, very strongly, that the way people read short stories is changing. See here (initial thoughts at my Wind Tunnel Dreams results) and here (where many admit that they just don't read SF/F magazines, and tell us why - but do read stuff like WTD, and tell us why).
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