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Odin's Day

Happy birthday to i_descend and joyeous!


Okay, I can see off-label uses for this.
To-do list temporary tattoo.

...I am getting these. And using them at my next con and/or playparty.

*evil grin*

(Well, australian_joe and I were talking about dancecards...)

Bit of Beauty
Lori Nix's photography. I like the postapocalyptic miniature city...

Link Soup, Video Edition
* I don't usually watch fanvids - or anything on YouTube, really, but this is really, really good. Firefly vid to the tune of "Defying Gravity" from Wicked.
* Speaking of Firefly and YouTube - s00j drops a bomb on us. **stocks up on duct tape for s00j's next visit*
* Totally unrelated to Firefly - Great Big Sea played on a cruise recently, and there are tons of videos from it. Including new songs!

Link Soup
* Diesel Sweeties valentines.
* More science valentines!
* Torchwood Babiez. Like Muppet Babies, but with more bisexuality.
* And speaking of s00j: The Lost Girls Pirate Academy at last has its official Alma Mater. Never grow up! Never give in!
* Space has a smell.

Daily Science
Organic molecules – in the form of methane – have been detected on a planet outside our solar system for the first time. The giant planet lies too close to its parent star for the methane to signal life, but the detection offers hope that astronomers will one day be able to analyse the atmospheres of Earth-like worlds.

Cloistering myself and writing Shayara. After I take out the trash. Before I have an imprompt patch-sewing and BPAL-swapping party with emilytheslayer, jennifer, and maybe mllelaurel tonight. *nods*
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