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The Next Generation

School Spirit Week. Hat Day. So she borrowed Adam's Cthulhu hat.


Yes, this is way blurry. I may try to get her to pose with it again. This was a spontaneous thing... she's smiling her Real, Actual smile, not a plastic "get the camera away from me" smile, though, so I love it.

Yes, I have a luck dragon poster on my office door. And a blue squeezy shark on my shelf. The thing it's next to is the ambulatory brain Spooky brought me when I was in the hospital for my video EEG monitoring.

Elayna wears lots of jewelry, multiple layers of necklaces and bracelets; she tears the cuffs off her long-sleeved shirts and layers short-sleeved shirts over them. She prefers her jeans at least mildly shredded. She raids my closet for skirts and silly socks; she wears her socks unmatched. She's getting most of that lovely hair cut off on Thursday. *sigh* But the new hair length will be easier for her to manage. And funkier. And she needs a change, and this change is important to her.

She will be thirteen in a little over a month.

We must put blue or red stripes in her hair, when we put the red in mine.

I never thought I'd be a mom. And then I never thought that I would love being a mom. But my love for this mercurial tatterdemalion, this blossoming writergirl, this witchlet, this perfect storm - my love for her is bigger than I am.

That is enough rambling for now. :)
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