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Tew's Day

Hello to new reader squirrel_monkey!

First PT appointment today. You know there are issues when they "hm" a lot, and when they give you only one exercise to do. I go now twice a week. Also, my nervous system is apparently not stretchy enough.

I have a gimpgirl post coming up. Probably not today.

I did have a "eureka!" moment regarding the structure of Shayara while waiting for the bus, so that was nice. Writerbrain nattering should probably be a separate post, too.

Adam's mom may not have wifi. Have I mentioned that I'm launching Shayara within weeks? I really need that time...

Bit of Beauty
Mike Libby uses the carapaces of real insects to create tiny, mechanical works of art.

Link Soup
* Yes We Can Has. Obama support + LOLcats = crazy delicious.
* Scientist valentines. :)
* I require more neurons, please!
* Also, this bed *sigh*
* Cable would love this. And Shatterstar. Pretty much all of X-Force. Damn, Rob Liefeld sucks.

Daily Science
Science of the orgasm: To unlock the secrets of the climax researchers are looking behind the scenes and into the nervous system, where the true magic happens.

Well, no Diesel today. PT ate my morning, so I can't give away my afternoon. I'll do as much of that Shayara structuring as possible before the invasion of the teenage girls.
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