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Happy birthday to tidesong!

Hello to new readers hecubuscathead, jlassen, and tbclone47!

Still in flare. Physical therapy tomorrow.

Weekend Update
Posts you might have missed if you don't read over the weekend:
* New Wind Tunnel Dream! "Early Adopter".
* Are you going to Boskone? If so, I probably want to hang out with you. Boskone's much less hectic than Arisia.

Slash & burn
I had over 1200 e-mails in my inbox; the bulk of them were LJ comment threads I'd been saving to comment on. I am now under 200. I deleted everything prior to midJanuary. So if you were waiting on a reply... please ask again. Just - felt like I was drowning under a tidal wave of e-mail, dude.

I am keeping the actual one-to-one e-mails, though, so once I've cleared the last month's comment threads, y'all might actually get replies to your e-mails. And I'll try to be mch better about this from now on.

Link Soup
* "Just keep authoring things or you will be eaten by flowers."
* General LJ etiquette.
* Article about SF ezines.
* Planet Earth - inversed.

Daily Science
Scientists on the Cassini mission have become out-of-this world "plumbers" as they try to piece together what's happening inside the "pipes" feeding the plumes of Saturn's moon Enceladus.
Enceladus is jetting out giant geysers three times the size of the moon, and now scientists are beginning to understand how the ice grains are created and how they might have formed. Knowing the process of how the plume forms and the path the water-ice particles have to travel is giving them an insight into what may be a liquid reservoir or lake lying just beneath the surface.

Daily BPAL

Lunar Eclipse: Red musk, black currant, violet leaf, wild frankincense, lavender, black orchid, Darjeeling tea, vetiver, red moss, myrrh, Moroccan spices, blackened fruit gums, and tobacco.
In bottle: Darkmossyyum.
On me: Oh, delicious. Just a hint of the currant spiralling through musk and moss and vetiver. Everything else is a swirling base. Dark, resinous, delicious.

To a Woman: Benzoin, cassis bud, patchouli, rose otto, and petitgrain.
In bottle: Peculiar mix of benzoin and rose.
On me: Yep, that's peculiar.

Dracul: Black musk, tobacco, fir, balsam of peru, cumin, bitter clove, crushed mint, and orange blossom.
In bottle: *blink* The woods are lovely, dark and deep. With a touch of mint.
On me: Aaand the mint takes over. Poo. But wait! Balsam rises and puts it in its place. Ah, there's the clove. Excellent.

Brisingamen: A glittering mantle of rich golden notes: five ambers, soft myrtle and apple blossom, myrtle, and carnation.
In bottle: Light, soft, pretty.
On me: Light, soft, pretty. Unexceptional on me, but Elayna might love it.

Reminder: Big huge BPAL sale, my first since... October? November? Lots of unimpables, full 5mls, et cetera...

* Paying gig.
* I really do have to finish "Hey Elizabeth".
* Start a week of really intensely working on Shayara.
* Clear out that inbox.
* Upstairs bathroom needs reorganizing. Which is not urgent, but it's one of those things that'll bug me til I get it done.
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