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Life with the Gojirawitzes

Learning opportunities for the evening, facilitated by Elayna's first viewing of Little Shop of Horrors:

* the role of the chorus in Greek theater
* the economy of the era
* suburban vs. urban society
* midcentury fashion
* Tupperware parties
* the inherent absurdity of musicals
* sadism and masochism
* battered woman syndrome
* situationally-relative morality adjustments
* the properties of nitrous oxide
* the rise and fall of doo-wop

I will likely be adding to this throughout the evening. :)

The rest of the day, alas, has been a bit of a bust. Pain and stiffness have been such that much of today has consisted of trying to find the position on the couch that hurts least. *grits teeth*

EDIT: And still, seven years into realizing that Adam is the Seymour to my Audrey, we hold hands when "Suddenly, Seymour" is playing. And I sing to him. (Quietly, so's not to distract Miss Kid.)
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